SAIP mounted a stand at the AfricaPrint/FESPA Expo 2019 at Gallagher Estate in Mdrand. We are proud that the stand received the award for the "Best Small Shell Scheme". Here, volunteers, Mel Ellis and Steve Appleton pose with the certificate.

Best small stand award at Africa Print/FESPA 2019

Running an exhibition stand is not easy. It takes committed and dedicated people to spend time answering vistor's questions and explaining the workings of the SAIP to them.

We extend our very grateful thanks to all who volunteered for this critical task in signing up many new contacts, many of whom have decided to become members of the Association. We thank:our volunteers, Mel Ellis, Ray Knuppel and Dibe Sopeng, for their magnificant effort. Well done guys!

We also thank our directors, Steve Appleton, Keith Solomon and Mike Bath for their hard work. Recently-joined member Bongane Mabunda was on hand to tell us how in being a member of SAIP had assisted him in obtaining his residency. Thank you, Bongane for stopping by.

We were made comfortable and welcome by the team at the nearby Printing SA who helped with the set up and plied us with essential refreshments, snacks and canapes from their lounge. So, thank you to all in the fabulous team at Printing SA including Abisha Katerere, Nicoliene Badenhorst, Maria Silveiro and its CEO, Dr Abdool Mahomed -- a few have unfortunately left a few out, so nonetheless a hearty thank you to them too.

And finally our huge thanks must go to Laura and Mark Minter for providing a little bit of action in demonstrating the importance of "colour management" in printing, even on cloth. A welcome attraction for vistors.

SAIP stand at AfricaPrint/FESPA 2019Volunteers on SAIP stand

Above: Some of the volunteers on the stand. Standing: Laura Minter, Keith Solomon and Mel Ellis. Seated: Steve Appleton and Ray Knuppel.


20190501 certificate Bongani MabundaWhy Bongane Mabunda became a member of SAIP

The Gapp Magazine: “Mr Mabunda, or may I call you Bongane, you recently joined the South African Institute of Printing (SAIP), please tell me what motivated you to become a member?”

Bongane: “I am ambitious and passionate about the product and company that I represent. I learnt about SAIP some time ago and I realised that by becoming a member it would enhance my career and help me realise even greater sales of my product, Tyvek. To further my skills, I graduated in November 2015 after completing a 6 month Business Management course sponsored by PrintingSA”

The Gapp: “How long, Bongane, have you been involved in the industry and when did you become a member of SAIP?”

Bongane: “I have been involved in the industry for 8 years and I know my product, Tyvek, backwards! It was only recently, after reading about SAIP in the Gapp magazine and visiting the SAIP stand at Propak, that I downloaded the application form and submitted my details.”

The Gapp: “Have you seen any benefits since becoming a member?”

Bongane: “Well the first benefit was the feeling of pride that I had when accepted. Recognition by my peers, my family, my work colleagues and most of all by my customers of my achievement. The second benefit was improved sales of Tyvek! Suddenly I had the respect of customers that I had embarked upon a process of continuous self improvement and signed onto the SAIP code of ethics. I had a sense of pride and was also very aware that I had done something positive to help me in my career. I am now a Print Professional.”

The Gapp: “Was the application process  complicated?”

Bongane: “Not at all. A straightforward application form which I submitted with my current CV and ID document and the application was approved by the SAIP board. I was welcomed to the network and received my certificate which I have proudly hung on the wall. I rapidly updated my email signature and my new business cards which are being printed to include the SAIP(PM) letters after my name.”

The Gapp: “Would you recommend others to apply?”

Bongane: “If they are serious about developing their careers and passionate about the print industry, then it’s a must. I was fortunate that my company encouraged me to apply and are sponsoring my membership. I have seen that an increasing number of industry suppliers are supporting SAIP and this is something which I would encourage.”

The Gapp: “So where to from here?”

Bongane: “I now have renewed confidence to give presentations and I am planning to deliver a talk on how Tyvek can offer printers with a whole new world of marketing opportunities. I want my customers to find new revenue streams using Tyvek and I’m the person who can help them.”

Picture: SAIP board member, Keith Solomon, hands Bongane Mabunda a temporary membership certificate during his visit to the SAIP stand at the Propak 2019 Exhibtion.

Cape Town, 5 June 2019

SAIP's stand at the Africa Print 2019 Expo in Cape Town on 5th and 6th June 2019, wins the runner-up award for the best small stand on show! Congratulations and well done once again to the SAIP team.

CT2019 awardsCERTcustom AP6 small

Port Elizabeth, 27 March 2019

SAIP's stand at the Africa Print 2019 Expo in Port Elizabeth on 27 March 2019, wins the runner-up award for the best small stand on show! Congratulations and well done to the SAIP team.

Certificate PE2019 award