Register your training and skills-development courses with SAIP

Why having your training courses, product seminars and technical workshops accredited by the South African Institute of Printing (SAIP) offers you a competitive advantage.

More than ever before, training and skills development in the print, packaging and signage industries is critical. There are a wealth of  professional suppliers offering training and skills development. However, yet few are accredited by the SAIP. Once accredited, you will find that SAIP members will be attracted to attend in order to keep their CPD points up to date.

Continuing professional development is a learning process whereby members of the South African Institute of Printing, or those aspiring to become Members, earn or maintain professional credentials by undergoing a variety of accredited CPD point-generating learning activities. These activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Registering as a learner on an accredited occupational or trade qualification, including skills programmes.
  2. Enrolment to complete Technical Theoretical Studies.
  3. Attending industry exhibitions.
  4. Attending industry conferences.
  5. Attending technical forums or presentations.
  6. Registered as learner in any recognised supervisory leadership programme (Including sales, marketing, estimating or production planning).
  7. Enrolled to complete an accredited NQF Level 5 Business Management Programme.
  8. Enrolled to complete accredited Trade Training programmes (Including facilitator, assessor, moderator and the 'Instructing the Modular Way' programme).
  9. Lecturing, facilitating, assessing, moderating of practical or theoretical training.
  10. Attending a recognised printing, packaging or signage industry competition.
  11. Mentoring or coaching an intern or subordinate in supervisory or management roles.
  12. Attending a recognised industry gala dinner or function.
  13. Enrolled to complete an accredited NQF Level 7 Management Development Programme.
  14. Presentation of a topic/paper at a recognised industry conference or exhibition.
  15. Presentation of a technical topic/paper at a recognised industry conference or exhibition.
  16. Publishing papers or research.
  17. Publishing technical papers or research.

Training providers, industry suppliers, printing, packaging or signage companies and professional individuals wishing to provide such CPD activities are invited to apply to the South African Institute of Printing for accreditation and confirmation of the CPD points that may be awarded to SAIP members for undertaking their activities.

The board of SAIP have put together an application form in order to enable you to have your seminar, exhibition, technical training course accredited. Once accredited, you then have a competitive edge over non-accredited courses. The form can be sent to you by contacting us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The SAIP requires that, to retain their designations, its members accumulate a ceratin minimum number of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points over a designated period (normally 2 years). This is in line with the way that many other professional bodies ensure that their members remain current; namely by continuously updating and adding to their knowledge and skills by engaging in a variety of recognised professional activities or courses. Having successfully taken part in a recognised activity or course, the member is awarded a certain number of CPD points which are accumulated towards the required total he or she needs to retain his or her membership of SAIP.

The SAIP itself does not generally provision CPD points-awarding activities or courses. The types of activities or courses are wide-ranging and are usually provided by external parties or entities approved by SAIP. CPD points-scoring activities include a member's attendence at certain events, seminars, workshops and exhibitions. The points-scoring activities also include formal education activities such as the obtaining of a degree, diploma or certification, attending approved training courses or the publication of scholarly material or learned articles.

In order to ensure that standards for those activities are met and maintained, SAIP will evaluate and approve many such activities in advance. This is so that its members can be assured that their successful participation in any of them will result in the award of CPD points. Naturally, approval will enable SAIP to publicise your CPD-related activities or courses to its members - a huge benefit to you as a supplier of such an activity or course.

How to gain approval for your activity or course?

Simple! Print and complete the "Application for approval of continuing professional development (cpd) activities" form and then post, fax or scan and email the completed form back to us. Remember to make a payment for the administration fee into the SAIP bank account and send through the proof of deposit.

You can dowload the PDF form by clicking here: "Application for approval of continuing professional development (cpd) activities".