Our vision and mission

Our vision

To ensure a printing, packaging and signage industry that is professional, dignified and vibrant, serving the needs of all stakeholders and our economy.

Our mission

To ensure that our members are well-informed of developments within the industry and conduct their day-to-day business with dignity and to the highest professional standards.



What we are

SAIP is the abbreviation for "The South African Institute of Printing".

The SAIP is a professional body that looks to improve quality, productivity and profitability in the printing, packaging and signage industry in South Africa by encouraging skills development and training and by offering professional designations to qualifying persons working in or associated with the industry.

The goals are to raise the quality bar and to help technical and professional people in the industry to be the best they can and to stand out as true professionals within all its disciplines.

The good news

The good news is that the SAIP has been "re-booted" and is in the throes of being recognised as a full professional body. A new council has been formed to guide this process, set high standards and promote membership of the institute which incidently is a non-profit organisation.

For professional people in a printing, packaging or signage company, membership of the SAIP will be a good marketing tool and something to boast about. And, for your company, having recognised print professionals setting standards of excellence in the business will place you in very good stead.

The board of the SAIP has a number of reputable industry leaders and specialists serving on it. Collectively, they possess a wealth of experience in the industry. They also head up or belong to various sub-committtees housed within the institute. Over time, other top industry professionals will be invited and elected to serve on this board.