1. A member shall conduct himself or herself with integrity and dignity and act in an ethical manner in his or her dealings with the public, clients, employers, employees and fellow members.
  2. A member shall act with proper skill, care and diligence and exercise independent professional judgement in the conduct of all professional dealings.
  3. A member shall always provide full and accurate information to the public, clients, employers, employees and fellow members.
  4. A member shall act with competence and shall strive to maintain and improve his or her own competence and that of others in the profession.
  5. A member shall maintain knowledge of and comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations of government, governmental agencies and regulatory organisations governing his or her professional, financial or business activities.
  6. A member shall not knowingly participate in, assist or withhold knowledge of any acts in violation of any applicable law, rule or ethical code governing his or her profession, financial or business activities.
  7. Professional independence is the ability to act, and to be seen to act, with integrity and objectivity. Independence is fundamental to the relationship of trust between the member, the client and the public.
  8. A member may not solicit or accept any gift or inducement (whether by way of direct or indirect benefit) of a kind which is designed to influence his or her actions or which may cause detriment to the public or a client.
  9. A member may not offer or give to another any gift or inducement of a kind which is designed to influence the actions of the beneficiary for personal gain or which may directly or indirectly detrimental to the public or a client.
  10. A member’s charges must be fair in their incidence and reasonable in their amount, having regard to all revealed circumstances.
  11. A member must preserve the confidentiality of information communicated by the client concerning matters within the scope of the confidential relationship, except to disclose information regarding illegal activities.
  12. A member shall not make any statements, either orally or in writing, which misrepresent the services that the member can perform for the clients and/or their qualifications as a member.
  13. A member must be vigilant in identifying actual or potential conflicts of interest and may not allow himself or herself to be placed in a position in which his or her obligations to one client are or are likely to be perceived as conflicting with his or her obligations to another client or to his or her own personal or professional interests.
  14. A member may not commit a criminal act that upon conviction materially reflects adversely on his or her honesty, trustworthiness or fitness as a member in other respects; or engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud or misrepresentation.
  15. A member must in all professional dealings exercise care of the standard of a bona-fide person dealing with his or her own affairs.
  16. A member must act promptly in accordance with instructions unless he or she has discretion as to timing and uses that discretion in a responsible way.
  17. A member must ensure that he or she maintains adequate financial resources to meet his or her business commitments and to withstand the risks to which his or her profession is subject.