Being a member of a professional body such as the SAIP will add to your credibility .This is very important to your potential employers, to your personal esteem and to your sense of belonging.

The retention of your SAIP membership and designation will be dependent upon you earning and accumulating sufficient 'Continuing Professional Development' points (CPD points) within certain time-frames. These points are earned in recognition of your efforts at upgrading and updating your knowledge and skills. This meansthat you not only remain aware of new practices and developments thus remaining current in the profession but also add to them. You earn points by attending shows, exhibitions, workshops, lectures and seminars. Points are also earned by your attendence at and graduation from a wide variety of professional, financial, managerial and business training courses that are recognised by SAIP.

The CPD programme is designed to assist you as a professional to develop your skills and professional credentials beyond your initial learning and to keep those skills and credentials relevant and up to date. The CPD process incudes the recording and evaluation of your ongoing learning and development activities. These are reported to and monitored by the governing body which you fall under - the SAIP in this instance.