Sadly, due to the restrictions and difficulties created by the COVID-19 pandemic and the present lockdown, SAIP has severely curtailed its activities. As such, we regret that we are not presently processing any applications for membership. Nor are we making any individual recommendations for training. We do hope to resume our activities as soon as practical after the lockdown and its restrictions are lifted.

Many of the vistors to this website come here to enquire about training and qualifications in the industry. SAIP, as an institute whose aim is to recognise your professional achievements, is delighted that so many of you want to join in or advance a career in the printing, packaging or signage trades. We are encouraged that so many of you have recognised that acquiring new or additional training and qualifications is the best route to acheiving your goals.

However, SAIP is a professional Institute whose purpose is to adjudicate, validate and endorse your qualifications and experience in the industry. Unfortunately due to the potential for conflicts of interest, SAIP is therefore, in itself, not permitted to offer or conduct any training.

Whilst our activities are curtailed, those of you who are seeking information about training and learnerships are advised to contact PrintingSA, an industry body to which many printing firms belong and which does offer a variety of training courses. We suggest that you click this link to visit the PrintingSA website at

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