Who we are

South African Institute of Printing (SAIP) is the Professional Accreditation body for individuals in Printing, Packaging and Signage industry.

Not unlike a Chartered Accountant, a Medical Professional, a Marketing expert or a Lawyer, you would be entitled to letters after your name. This will enhance your qualifications, your career, your self esteem, your future job opportunities, your business card and provide a certificate to hang on your wall.

Membership categories and designations are:

  • Designation: SAIP (PO) - Print Operator
  • Designation: SAIP (PT) - Print Technician
  • Designation: SAIP (PM) - Print Manager
  • Designation: SAIP (PD) - Print Director
  • Designation: SAIP (PDT) - Print Director Technical

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Join a Professional Body that will support you and help you upskill yourself to go the extra mile.