YOU may be a brilliant Technical Printing Operator, a highly-skilled Printing Technician, or a crackerjack Print Manager, BUT... if YOU are not a member of the SAIP, YOU may well be selling YOURSELF short.
If you consider yourself to be a Printing Professional, read on...

What people are saying...

"Success is no accident. It's due to hard work, perserverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and, most of all, a love for what you are doing."
The late Steve Jobs
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The South African Institute of Printing welcomes you

We warmly welcome you to this, the digital home of the South African Institute of Printing (SAIP).

The SAIP is a professional body that looks to improve quality, productivity and profitability in the printing, packaging and signage industry in South Africa by encouraging skills development and training and by offering professional designations to qualifying persons working in or associated with the industry. 

Our goals are to raise the quality bar and to help technical and professional people in the industry to be the best they can and to ensure that they stand out as true professionals within all its aspects.

Within this website you will find information about us and how to become a member. You will find information about the benefits of being a member and your professional obligations. You will also find information and news about our activities including our presence at seminars, workshops, shows, exhibitions and other industry events.

We do hope you will spend some time looking around. Should you be looking for something specific and not find it here please do not hesitate to contact us with your request and we will do our best to help you (and also update this website). We also welcome suggestions as to how to improve or correct this website and its content.

Who we are

South African Institute of Printing (SAIP) is the Professional Accreditation body for individuals in Printing, Packaging and Signage industry.

Not unlike a Chartered Accountant, a Medical Professional, a Marketing expert or a Lawyer, you would be entitled to letters after your name. This will enhance your qualifications, your career, your self esteem, your future job opportunities, your business card and provide a certificate to hang on your wall.

Membership categories and designations are:

  • Designation: SAIP (PO) - Print Operator
  • Designation: SAIP (PT) - Print Technician
  • Designation: SAIP (PM) - Print Manager
  • Designation: SAIP (PD) - Print Director
  • Designation: SAIP (PDT) - Print Director Technical

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Join a Professional Body that will support you and help you upskill yourself to go the extra mile.